Our quality standards

Our objective is to provide a healthy diet for animals and humans by clearly traceable production steps and permanent quality checks of our animal feeds. This means that our customers can always feel secure about the high standards of our products. It is of central importance for us that our customers have trust in us and our animal feeds.
We work with a certified quality management system throughout our company. It complies with the international standard ISO 9001 with integrated HACCP-Concept which is the basis for our daily operating procedures.
It goes without saying that non of the contents of our feeds are genetically modified, as required by the law of Southern Tyrol. Beikircher wood pellets are produced by the company NORDPAN AG according to ÖNORM M 7135.

ISO 9001 2008

DIN ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a worldwide respected norm for quality management systems. It contains requirements for processes and procedures in companies, which influence the quality of products and satisfaction of customers.



HACCP is short for "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point". Originally, this system was designed for the food industry. It is an additional system for self-checking the company, placing an emphasis on eliminating health risks for humans and animals.

ÖNORM M 7135

This standard guarantees that pellets are made of pure wood without any added synthetic binding agents and other contaminants like paint or plastic. ÖNORM sets precise standards for size, specific weight, fuel value, and remaining moisture content of pellets.