About us

The Beikircher company was founded in 1926. After many years in the grain business, Beikircher Grünland GmbH/Srl has specialised in the production and selling of high-quality animal feeds since 1985. Additionally, we also sell fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, fuels for agriculture, wood pellets and much more. Our outlets offer products for the house, yard, garden and pets.

Through good professional consulting, customer service, ongoing investment and optimising our running costs we want to deliver the best service and high-quality products at a fair price.

Our customer service pays emphasis to:
- considering your individual wishes
- professional and competent consulting
- on time delivery of our products
- good value for money

Long-term cooperation with our suppliers on the basis of mutual trust is very important to us. We expect quality and reliability from them. We constantly make sure of this and we prefer suppliers with a quality management system.