Silage enhancers and supply

Using silage enhancers on grass and maize silage can speed up pH reduction which makes preserving easier.

Chemical silage enhancers

Chemical silage enhancers become effective either through immediate feed acidification or by direct suppression of pests. Both effects are conveniently combined because a low pH suppresses pests and this is positive for lactobacilli which lower their pH-value when producing acids.
Chemical silage enhancers are mainly relevant for food that is difficult to ensile. Compared to silages without enhancers, chemical enhancers bring about higher fermentation quality.


The best quality of basic food is a requirement for high milk and meat production. When ensiling grass, leguminoses or whole grain plants, the unpredictable weather is the decisive factor for the quality of basic food. With the help of KOFASIL PLUS GRANULATE or KOFASIL LIQUID you can become independent from the weather and you can harvest when the crop is just right. Even if the plants cannot start fermenting properly because of wet conditions, you will always attain an equally high silage quality.


  • highly efficient silage enhancers for regulating natural fermentation
  • guarantee best silage quality, even if prior fermentation is not perfect
  • no acid products, non-corrosive
  • regulate where mother nature cannot supply sufficient conditions for fermentation
  • allow for harvesting on time – independent of weather conditions
  • allow for proper use and high efficiency of harvesting machines – especially when working to a schedule
  • 1 - 2 days of prior fermentation is sufficient, then ensiling process is independent of dry matter content
  • prevent noxious fermentation
  • always ensure continuous high silage quality
  • easy to apply by standard granulate spreaders or fluid meters
  • KOFASIL PLUS GRANULAT DLG certification classes 1a, 4a and 5a
  • KOFASIL LIQUID DLG certification classes 1a, 1b, 4a and 5a

Application rate:
KOFASIL PLUS GRANULATE = 2 - 3 kg/t silage
KOFASIL LIQUID = 2 - 3 l/t silage


KOFASIL BALE is the new silage enhancer, especially designed for contractors. It combines two effects in one product. KOFASIL BALE works efficiently against listeria, coli and clostridia (noxious fermentation, butyric acid) as well as against yeast and mould (reheating). Now, risk factors like moisture and dryness can be reduced reliably with one product. At a dosage of about 2 litres every bale is completely protected. The result is a perfect, hygienically clean silage that is not only palatable for cattle but also for horses.

KOFASIL BALE should be watered down and applied on round and square bales with the appropriate dosing technique. KOFASIL BALE is available in a canister, barrel or container. KOFASIL BALE lasts almost forever.

Round bales may well be an alternative to conventional silage techniques. However, so far it has not been possible to combine butyric acid (clostridia, risk of botulism) and mould protection in one product. Organic silage enhancers cannot provide sufficient protection, especially for round bales with dryer contents. Here it is important to inhibit the growth of yeast and mould. This requirement can only be fulfilled if enough effective substances are added to the silage during harvesting. KOFASIL BALE meets this requirement reliably.

KOFASIL BALE: Unique combination of active agents against noxious fermentation and reheating

Wet grass does not offer ideal conditions for lactic acid bacteria. They cannot assert themselves against butyric acid bacteria. Soil polluted silage is particularly at risk. KOFASIL BALE contains the active agent sodium nitrite which fights butyric acid bacteria (clostridia) and listeria. Milk acid fermentation can proceed quickly and without interruptions. Even grass, which is ensiled without prior fermentation, can ferment properly. The highly dangerous botulism-causing bacteria also belong to clostridia and are rendered harmless by KOFASIL BALE. The second active agent sodium benzoate inhibits growth and multiplication of yeast and mould. It effectively prevents the development of mycotoxin. The high hygienic standard of KOFASIL BALE treated silage turns the bales into an ideal partner for TMR mixes. Health and productivity of animals are protected in an optimal way.


  • stops noxious fermentation, fights clostridia (butyric acid builders)
  • prevents reheating
  • reduces ensiling losses
  • easy to apply
  • not acidic, non-corrosive
  • no dangerous products
Dosing technique:
Dose with the help of standard fluid meters that can be assembled onto the bale press.

Organic silage enhancers

Organic silage enhancers contain lactic acid bacteria (one or more strains) and in many cases also enzymes that convert crude fibre and starch to sugar which then can be eaten by lactic acid bacteria.
In stock:
- Pioneer 1188
- Pioneer 1155
- Pioneer 11G22
- Pioneer 11A44


Silotite Wrapping Foil

- introduction
- preparing the grass
- pressing
- wrapping the bale
- transporting and storing the bale
- using the foil and recycling it
- characteristics of Silotite

Clinging Foil

The Clinging Foil combines all the advantages of a modern silage cover.

Due to the adhesive effect the foil clings to the silage in an optimal way and prevents air getting between foil and silage.
If the wrapping foil gets slightly damaged, the clinging foil prevents the spread of air and therefore offers additional safety.

Available in width 5, 6, 8 and 10 m, length: 50 m

Cover Foil

We sell black and white Cover Foil in width 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 m, length made to measure. Siloplus 150 (slightly thinner foil of higher quality) is lighter in weight and therefore lower in price.

Zill Silage Protection

We recommend this very UV-resistant, robust silage protection for protecting your silage against damage from hooves, claws and beaks.

Weight: approx. 240g/m²
Strength of thread: 0,42 mm
Webbing setting: 8/8
silage protection 5x6 m green
silage protection 5x8 m green
silage protection 5x10 m green
silage protection 5x12 m green
silage protection 8x10 m green
silage protection 8x12 m green
silage protection 8x15 m green
silage protection 6x8 m green

Zill Silage Sand Bags

Zill Silage Sand Bags are exclusively made of high-quality and non-recycled material: 100% PE (HDPE). Modern webbing technique and strict Zill quality control provide for consistent webbing, maximum UV stability, best pulling stability and extremely long service life. The bags assure side sealing without gaps. Additional weight and fixing of the Zill Protection will be achieved by placing the bags every 5 m diagonally on the silage. The cover stabilises the sand bags against each other.

Silage Paint

- Desilan Universal (for driving silage and high silage)
- Desilan Ready-to-Paint (for high silage and concrete)
- Desilan 3-Components-Paint